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A family welcome

Providing the right space to enjoy spending time with loved ones in complete freedom. This awareness changed the way we think about holidays.
We realised this when we decided that our Chalet should be somewhere we would want to stay ourselves. A space for coming together with loved ones and spending time free from work and daily chores. A peaceful environment where we choose who to be with and how to fill the days, with no obligations or deadlines.

Pescosta Chalet reflects us because it welcomes people seeking the privacy and intimacy of their own home even when far away, surrounds them with the world’s most beautiful mountains and shows them the warmth of the Ladin culture, which has made hospitality its strength.
For us, this is true luxury.

The culture

Pescosta Chalet Luxury Living is located in the heart of Ladinia, the area between the five Dolomite valleys known worldwide for the beauty of their landscapes. But it is also a small world, unique and authentic, rich in traditions that persist today and in people who preserve an ancient culture that speaks a curious and fascinating language, full of stories to tell. We have belonged to this land for generations and, every day that you pass through the rooms of Pescosta Chalet, you will breathe in its welcoming and joyful character.

The cuisine

Ladinia reappears in the dishes of its typical cuisine, the strength of its authentic flavours and the imagination of its most elegant and contemporary reinterpretations. You will hear mention of balote, tutres, fortaies, canci and panicia, and wonder about their shape, consistency and, above all, the delicious goodness they will leave in your memory. Wash them down with wines that draw their body and fragrance from these mountains.
And when you try them together, you will also get to know the cuisine of the area you have chosen to discover: a quiet and peaceful land, linked to nature by an invisible but incredibly strong thread.
Take a seat in the large dining room of Pescosta Chalet: Ladinia is already on the table.

Your home in the heart of the Dolomites